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Gas Safety Certificate


Why do I need a Gas Safety Certificate?

As a landlord, you are required by law to ensure any gas appliances and flues owned by you in your properties have annual gas safety checks, in accordance with The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, and carried out by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. You need to provide a record of the annual gas safety check to your existing tenants within 28 days of completion, or to new tenants at the start of their tenancy.


What happens during the Gas Safety Check?


  • The operating pressure and heat input of the appliance to ensure it is working to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Any flue or chimney connected to the appliance is working properly.
  • The appliance is suitable.
  • The appliance is properly set up, including connected to gas pipes, and gas is burning correctly.
  • There is an adequate, permanent air supply as gas needs air to burn properly.
  • All accessible gas pipework is inspected to check it is in good condition.
  • The gas pipework is tested for leaks
  • We’ll leave you with a checklist of information about your boiler’s safety.
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